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Get to know me:  [2/5 Male characters] Nagachika Hideyoshi

"Put yourself in my shoes! When rabbits get lonely, they can die!"
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it’s a metaphor. you put the spider between your teeth, but you don’t actually swallow it, so you stay average and spiders georg remains an outlier who shouldn’t have been counted.

This is it. This is the beginning of the end. Eventually every single overused joke will be combined into one giant post that is the death of fun as this website collapses in on itself and we all go straight to skeleton hell jail

Not all jokes

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hello new otp

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tsukiyama??? nah he’s such a terrible character he’s— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of tsukiyama pictures spill out of jacket] w-what a gross character i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of tsukiyama scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

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Original: 月カネ詰め 
Artist: Aaa
Translation: steppingoncellphones
Translated and posted with artist's permission.
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drew some of my fav ladies

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